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Pink Floyd In 1969.

    I saw Pink Floyd three times in 1969 and never saw them live again. I should have seen them at the Bath Festival in 1970, but fell asleep in a film tent as the band played in the early hours of the Sunday morning. I also had tickets to see them at Knebworth in 1975, but events conspired to prevent me from attending .
      After finally giving up on trying to get Syd Barrett to be even remotely coherant on-stage the band toured the Uk repeatedly in 1969 and it was my good fortune to see them twice in Wales and once when I ventured up to London to see them for free at the Camden Fringe Festival. All three events were notable for their different sorts of venues and the variation in the playing of the band . In fact I believe that this was one of the last years that the band were really freely experimenting with their music, soon after there was a noticeable tightening up of the set. Eventually of course the whole thing became so tightly stage managed that there was really no room for any improvisation, but 69 was a good year ,which saw Dave Gilmore become fully integrated with the others in the band - and his work was amongst the most exciting elements of their stage show. We should remember that this was the year of Ummagumma and the live portions of that album were amongst the best ever live shows the Floyd released.
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