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Nottingham Pop & Blues Festival .


Notts County Football Ground, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire .
May 10th 1969.

Fleetwood Mac, Pink Floyd ,Tremeloes, Marmalade, Georgie Fame, Love Sculpture, Keef Hartley, Status Quo, Duster Bennett, Dream Police ,Van Der Graaf Generator


I'd love to see more on the 1969 Nottingham Pop & Blues festival which I attended. It was my first outdoor event. I remember that although Fleetwood Mac were headlining they played early in the day because they were leaving that afternoon for their first American tour following the success of Albatross.

Pink Floyd played last in pouring rain. It must have been one of the first concerts without Syd Barrett. They were excellent and I've been attending their concerts ever since when possible.
Keep up the great work on the site, it brings back a lots of memories.
Jeff Cupit.


Status Quo © John Moon

John Moon (age 16) was there all day, and took his brand new Zenith 35mm Camera. It took over 2 hours to get there on 3 buses, but made it in time to see Fleetwood Mac at 12.

Pink Floyd were great as still doing their "syd set" with a new guitarist Dave Gilmore .But had to leave half way through set as parents were picking him up at 10.30 and way past bed time ! It rained most of the day, but in cover of football stand.

John Moon

Status Quo © John Moon

Probably my first festival, and unbelievably at Meadow Lane football ground, though sadly I can only remember thinking what are Marmalade doing here, how unorganised The Move were, and that Quo were quite psychedelic at the time. I think they played Going Down The Drain Pipe, and or Pictures of Matchstick Men. And for some reason I left before Floyd came on. Probably had to be home!!!!
Pete Feenstra

Fleetwood Mac, with rain © John Moon

Fleetwood Mac © John Moon


12 Hour Happiness Nottingham Racecourse Nottingham, Nottinghamshire .
July 12th 1969.

The Nice, Eclection, Yes, King Crimson, Juniors Eyes, Edgar Broughton Band, Idle Race,Status Quo, Caravan , Streets Of Sadness

Compere John Peel.


We don't know if this was organised by the same promoters as the May event, looking for more information on this one

If you have photos, recollections, set lists, newspaper reports or tapes of this event then Contact us.


The Nottingham Festival Of Blues And Progressive Music.


July 25th 1970



Victoria Embankment








Atomic Rooster

Mungo Jerry

Anno Domini

Aztec City

Press Article 1970

During the Nottingham Festival which lasts for three weeks, a pop music festival is to be staged. This will take place on the last day, July 25th from noon until 10pm on the Victoria Embankment, Nottingham.

FAMILY, MUNGO JERRY and TASTE will be topping the bill, and other acts to appear are JODY GRIND, DEEP JOY and ANNO DOMINI.

The festival will held in one of the largest marquees in Europe, which holds 10,000 people. Promoter Peter Hubbard, who promotes the night of blues and progressive music along with Eddie Kennedy said, "All the festivals so far have such bad facillities and too many people all trying to make use of them at once. There is plenty of room on the site for everyone and their cars. There will be a bar and food shops open throughout the event".

Tickets costing one guinea are available from; The Festival Kiosk, Nottingham, 2a Bath Street, Nottingham. All enquiries should be marked Nottingham Festival of Blues and Progressive Music'70.

Just wondered whether it was possible to find out anything about a music festival I attended which was held in a giant marquee on Trent Embankment in Nottingham around 1969 - 70. It was possibly part of The Nottingham Festival.

I'd be interested to know if anyone remembers it and can come up with a full line-up.


Richard Maltby


I have really enjoyed looking up festivals that I attended on web your site.

Your detail of the Nottingham Festival in 1970 is a bit sketchy. I have a copy of the souvenir programme – 4 shillings!- if you would like a scan, let me know.
This included a timetable of what should happen at what time – I amended it to what actually happened. So the acts were, in order:

1. Aztec City (as Jody Grind had broken up)
2. Anno Domino
3. Mungo Jerry
4. Atomic Rooster
5. Family
6. Taste

Deep Joy were listed and did not appear.

I have also written that Family played:
1. Weaver’s Answer
2. Anyway
3. Drowned in Wine
4. Wheels
5. Strange Band
6. Song for me

Hope you find this interesting.

Kind regards

Jes Griffiths

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