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The 1965
National Jazz and Blues Festival.
Richmond Athletic Grounds
Richmond. Surrey. UK.
August 6-8th 1965

Graham Bond Organisation.

7th August 1965. 

     Graham Bond died young and never fulfilled his promise,but his band was seminal in influencing many of the up and coming blues and rock acts of the late 60s and early 70s and his group contained two members of one of the best power trios of all time , Jack Bruce and Ginger Baker, who later went on to form Cream with Eric Clapton . He also had a great sax player- the late Dick Heckstall Smith who went on to play with Colosseum .Bond himself was no slouch on the sax and was a talented singer and keyboard player. Unfortunately Bond was plagued with drug and mental problems and perished under the wheels of a London Underground train in 1974 . He was 37 .

The stills below were taken from an archival film that exists of the 1965 show, recorded for the US TV show Shindig but it is not known just how much footage of the set exists.

    If you have photos, recollections, set lists, newspaper reports  or tapes of the event then Contact us and we'll add them to the site.


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