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The 1965
National Jazz and Blues Festival.
Richmond Athletic Grounds
Richmond. Surrey. UK.
August 6-8th 1965

    Georgie Fame and the Blue Flames

7th August 1965. 

     The Blue Flames were originally Billy Fury's backing band , but when Fury sacked them in 1961 they continued as a band . featuring Georgie Fame as frontman and during their time they had the following line up- Georgie Fame - organ/vocals ,John McLaughlin/Colin Green - guitar ,Mick Eve/Peter Coe - saxophone,Tony Makins/Boots Slade/Cliff Barton - bass guitar, Red Reece/Phil Seaman/Micky Waller/Bill Eyden/Mitch Mitchell - drums,Speedy Acquaye - congas,Johnny Marshall/Glenn Hughes - baritone saxophone, Eddie Thornton - trumpet. We are not completely sure of the lineup in 1965, so we would appreciate any help with identifying the musicians in these stills. The Blue Flames set here revelas them to be a potent R & B band and well deserving of their reputation as a live combo.

The stills below were taken from an archival film that exists of the 1965 show, recorded for the US TV show Shindig but it is not known just how much footage of the set exists.

    If you have photos, recollections, set lists, newspaper reports  or tapes of the event then Contact me and I'll add them to the site.


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