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Lincoln Racecourse.

May 8th 1971.



Arthur Brown’s Kingdom Come

Tea & Symphony

Duster Bennett.

   Not the festival held by Freddie Bannister, but another creature altogether , most press sources did not mention Funkadelic, but our eyewitnesses assert that they were there and we now have an artivel that prooves that they were present .

  The band were playing 15 dates in the UK- only ten of which are documented .We managed to find this poster which has them playing an unknown civic centre on the 7th, and they played the Roundhouse in London on the 9th, they certainly could have been in Lincoln for the 8th and may have been a last minute addition to rhe bill, or more lkiely, this was just another one of those gigs that dropped off the radar as the years have passed. .

Funkadelic were there alright ! Ticket , press report and photo courtesy Colin Moss of local band "Scapa Flow"

The Inflatible tent that was used at Lincoln , this pic is from the Isle of Wight festival 1970


Funkadelics Head-lining, also on the bill was the Groundhogs and Arthur Brown's Kingdom Come. The Groundhogs were kicking a football around and I kicked it back to them. That's one of my 15 seconds of fame.


I was at the Lincoln Racecourse Festival in '71.
It was organised by a fellow called Jim Kirbyshaw who ran the local record shop TF Much.
He hired the huge inflatable tenty-looking thing (with airlocks 'n stuff to get in and out) that had been one of the alternative venues at the Isle of White festival in '70.

Great day,music not up to much-2nd and 3rd level bands,y'know,one album on Harvest and then back to working for the Trent Water Authority as a clerk. Groundhogs OK,but they'd moved beyond the broad canvas of Thank Christ For The Bomb and driven up the cul-de-sac of the riffage that was Split/Cherry"fuckin'" Red.

Funkadelic were something completely else
I'm still recovering 38 years later.
Jimi--Uncle Tom.
George Clinton--The older,darker brother that i was lucky to have.


Chris Moir.

  We are looking for more eyewitness accounts , photos and reviews of this event



I have good reason to remember this one day festival as it was the first gig I ever went to.

Funkadelic definitely headlined and, if my memory serves me correctly, they got to the stage by making their way through the audience and they were all wearing nothing but nappies!

One act that definitely played was Duster Bennett and even now, nearly 40 years later, he's what I remember most about that day.

Best wishes,

Funkadelic certainly played at Lincoln Racecourse. I remember them as very loud and some, not all wearing very little clothing and during one number with the chorus, 'I call my baby pussy - P - U - S - S - Y' gyrating very provocatively which may have been the reason why at midnight, the police came in - in force- and closed proceedings.

I also remember that Arthur Brown's Kingdom Come played with a drum machine, would not do an encore and when repeatedly requeste to do so by shouts of 'FIRE, FIRE' Arthur responded with 'Machine, machine'.

Groundhogs loud with extended Mcphee riffs which spoiled many of the standards.

Duster Bennett good as the ultimate one-man-band

The inflatable marquee was positioned immediately behind the old Lincoln Racecourse. The racecourse had been closed for some years.


jack Ledger



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