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Hereford United Football Ground.

Edgar St .Hereford .

August 30th 1971.

Mott the Hoople, Head Hands & Feet, Amazing Blondel, Karakorum

   Featuring local lads Mott the Hoople, this may have been an attempt by the ever financially strapped Hereford FC to raise some dosh . We have no idea how the gig faired numbers wise or what the weather conditions were on the day. Certainly the show was reasonably priced . although holding it on the last day of the August Bank Holiday might not have been too good an idea.

   Martin Chambers later to be a member of the Pretenders, was drummer in the prog rock three piece Karakorum who never made it big but were generally admired by those in the know at the time.


I was at the Hereford FC event,and seem to recall it was quite a warm day,certainly not wet.The attendance was decent but nothing like
you would associate with one of the big festivals,probably more like a concert.Most of the people were from the Midlands,we were all
basically sat on the pitch.

Amazing Blondel were a folky duo, who I had seen supporting Free at the B'ham Town Hall, they were always enjoyable.
Karakorum were an excellent and very underrated local band, who appeared destined for greater things, but disappeared!!
I first saw them supporting E.L.P. at the Malvern Winter Gardens in 1970.

All I remember about Head,Hands and Feet,was that they had a great guitarist called Albert Lee.
Headlining was Mott the Hoople,who had a massive local following,and whom i'd seen many times.They were always great live,
far better than anything they ever put on record. I won't bore you with the band members as i'm sure everyone knows them.
All in all,I would have said a really good day enjoyed by everyone!!.

"Mod" Seabourne.

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