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Hastings Stadium .

Festival of Music .

August 28th 1967.

The Kinks

Dave Dee, Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich

Geno Washington and the Ram Jam Band

The Crazy World of Arthur Brown

Robb Storme and the Whispers

Winstons Fumbs

Hip Hooray Band


Compere : Keith Skues

     At last , an eye witness to confirm this did happen ! It only took six years !

This festival featured one of those weird mixes of acts that was possible in the 1960s, such as Hendrix touring with The Monkees . Jimi also starred in an eclectic lineup like this at Woburn in 1968, with Geno Washington being his co headliner.

Unfortunately , often these experiments weren't very profitable, as the mix tended to put people off attending , unless the top act was someone like Hendrix or The Who .

Thanks to Julia for fleshing this out a little :-)

Went to the 1967 Hastings Festival mostly to see Geno Washington. Geno and the band had an insipid reception possibly because his London area fan base were missing on this occasion. Arthur Brown did what he did best and what he only did once (Fire). I don't really remember the Kinks, maybe we left after an awful set by Dave Dee etc. They played their hits but in between songs Dave Dee had lots to say and a lot of what he said was best left unsaid or on a building site. The event was novel - music outside and lots of bands. A very few years later I realised what it was...a festival, as I say novel at the time.

Julia Hockham

Hey guys .. What a find. I was there too..must have been 16 at the time. I went with some friends from school (Homewood Sec modern, Tenterden) we went on our scooters as we were all mods at the time. I really went to see Geno, as he was considered very exotic against the British line-up, and he did'nt disappoint.

Arthur Brown was a hit with his (still classic) Fire, complete with burning headdress, a bit of a fire risk at the time as I seem to remember that the stage was built from straw bales.

I also remember that there was a mood of impending trouble, with gangs of skinheads wandering around looking for a fight. . Or that may be my paranoia. Sadly I have no visual record of the event, a shame given that I am a photographer
Howard Kingsnorth

My wife & I were at the Hastings show but the only memory that we have is of Arthur Brown flying through the air suspended from a crane with his head on fire ! Like Julia we were big fans of Geno Washington & similarly cannot remember The Kinks or any of the other bands. We were also at the 14 hour Technicolour Dream but the only memory is of the novel light show & ending up in Heathrow airport for breakfast for some obscure reason. Sorry we can't be of more help to your worthy cause.

Best regards
Eddie Yates

All Nighter

Hastings Pier June 26th 1970

Edgar Broughton Band

Blonde On Blonde


Cupid's Inspiration

Sarah Gordons House of Bondage !

DJ Steve Maxted

" I had travelled up from Pompey with my mate Dirk Diamond (honest, that’s his name) to see The Edgar Broughton band. As the Broughtons had also played a gig up in London that night it was actually 04:00 Saturday morning before they hit the stage. However, we were kept entertained as also on the bill that night were Blonde on Blonde, Jigsaw, Cupids Inspiration, Sarah Gordons House Of Bondage (The guitarist did say that Sarah would take off her top if £10 could be collected. It was and she did). All for the princely sum of 25/- (£1.25)."

borrowed from wrantz blog

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