Europe 72 . The Dead played the German TV show - Beatclub, a regular promo spot for most touring bands and one of the few early 1970 European sources of US and other other bands now available for us to see what these groups were like onstage during this era .
Apparently they played Bertha, Playin, Mr Charlie, Sugaree, Truckin > Other One and Sat Night, but all I've ever seen of this show is the last track, which was a storming version of Saturday Night, with Bobby looking as if he is about to split in half at times.
Reproduced here are some stills from the video. Now guys, hows about getting a video released of the whole thing , hmm...... ?

Is that a crack opening through the centre of the Weir cranium  ? .... perhaps not, its gone away now.
Just think, three members of this version of the band are now Dead and we nearly lost Phil  too.
I guess we're getting old.....
R.I.P - Piggers, Keith and Jerry.
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