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The photo gallery contains some images from a 1968 TV broadcast, with Arthur miming very badly, but going over the top with commendable gusto.
A job to know which line up of the band this actually is, since apart from Arthur they are all somewhat disguised or simply not shown clearly. 

Vincent Crane- Keyboards , vocals. 
Sean Nicholls -bass.
Drachen Theaker 
Carl Palmer - drums. 

Vincent Crane was the co -writer with Arthur of most of the songs on the first album , including the hit - Fire. Crane is a nicely manic keyboard player , with that slightly cheesy sound beloved of so many of the middle to late 60s organists. Unfortunately he topped himself in the earlky nineties , R.I.P Vincent .  Carl Palmer ,of course ,went on to fame and fortune with mega prog band E. L. P 

    This band was one of the great English pop/psychedelic bands of the late 60s and their Crazy World of Arthur Brown album is worth a listen , although it has to be said that much of their appeal was centred around their stage act. Two standout tracks on the Album - the hit FIRE - which includes  the prelude and fanfare - and the version of Screaming Jay Hawkins  classic - I PUT A SPELL ON YOU,  (which is almost as good as the original, ) make this one worth looking out for in the bargain bins. 



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