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Afan Festival

Number 2.

Afan Lido.

Port Talbot.

Glamorganshire .

May 23rd 1970 .

The Lido in the 1960s , the concerts were held in the side rooms on the left ,

adjacent to the main swimming pool.

The building has since been demolished following a major fire in 2009 .

Keef Hartley Big Band

Taste *

Brinsley Schwarz

Yes *

Atomic Rooster

Writing On The Wall

Bloody Welsh


Skin Alley


Groundhogs #

Meic Stevens

* Did nor perform

# may have played

Program scans courtesy Jeff Holmes

    One has to give the organisers of the Afan festivals their due, they booked some class acts, and put them on in area that was not often blessed by such events. The trouble was that they put them on in a bloody awful acoustic hole, essentially a gym. The Archive was present at the 1969 festival and we were less than impressed by the sound, although the performances were excellent.

    We can't remember if we did go to this one or not. Possibly not , although we were still in Wales and liked most of the bands, a sneaking suspicion that we saw Keith Hartley in big band mode exists in what now passes for our mind, but then again , did see Keith at Bath later on in the year . Possibly the thought of putting up with the awful acoustics for eight hours put us off. Anyway we believe this was the last festival held at the Lido in the 70s and a good job too..... one should not hold music festivals in gymnasiums.

It's a long time ago, but my recollections include:

- Keef Hartley played with the 'Small Band'
- Yes did not perform
- Groundhogs did not perform (though a mate who was there isn't so sure)
- Atomic Rooster stole the show
- don't recall the sound being particularly poor

Jeff Holmes

I was there – a pimply 17-year-old with some mates. Awful acoustics, agreed.
Hawkwind, I remember, opened the whole show – performing a single number which lasted for 30 minutes (their allotted time).
They were amply supported by a nude lady dancing in strobe lighting (yawn).
Brinsley Schwarz turned up later in the year at a “festival” in a field somewhere in the Gower peninsula (Rhossili?) which I also attended.

Pip pip!

Steve Phillips

I remember seeing Brinsley Schwarz in the Afan Lido. Taste were supposed to headline, but when we arrived , it was announced that they had broken up, I was really looking forward to seeing Rory Gallagher, I can also remember The Keef Hartley band playing, with Miller Anderson on lead vocals, whom I recently seen again playing with Spencer Davies, supporting Dave Edmunds in Newport, to recap, it was a great day at the Lido, always impressed with B.Schwarz, very professional.

Phil Witty

( NB: Taste had not at this stage split as they performed at the Isle of Wight Festival and other venues after the Afan festival , its entirely possible that they missed this gig though and that the announcement Phil remembers was made as the band members were not getting along at the time)

Not much to add except
1. I agree sound quality horrendous.
2. I'm positive Yes failed to appear - it was the main reason I went.
3. I'm pretty sure the Groundhogs played.


What a great site!! Memories..........I was 15, my first music festival, didn't know what to expect. I went by myself as my friend who I'd bought a ticket for didn't show up, some friend! 15 shillings as well. I went just because there wasn't much of a live music scene in South Wales and not for 15 year olds. It was a great barn of a place, with the stage down the longest side of the building, so as one band played, the next one could be setting up, so that there shouldn't be any delay between the bands. The sound probably was rubbish, but I had no expectations nor knowledge at that age.

I'd heard of some of the bands, notably Taste and Yes, neither of these turned up. The Groundhogs and Brinsley Schwartz substituted. Hawkwind opened the day, possibly one of their first ever gigs? From your line up, I don't remember the Bloody Welsh, but Meic Stevens who was touted as the Welsh Bob Dylan did play, possibly in their place?

The two bands who made the biggest impression on me were The Writing On The Wall, who I think were a Scottish band and Atomic Rooster who I became a big fan of. Meic Stevens is no Bob Dylan and was somewhat out of place although now has somewhat legendary status.
Wish I'd saved the ticket and programme!


Hi although my memory is a bit dodgy I was at 2 festivals in the Afan Lido yes a crap venue but great for me 5 mins walk home. I am sure Pink Floyd were at the first they got booed cos they took so long to set up I`ve noticed they don`t mention this gig in an autobiography. Keef Hartley was also on both shows had cracking line ups - I am glad to be reminded who played - one abiding memory behind the Lido was a waste ground ( now a football pitch) and a 50 a side football match was played with assorted roadies and bands kicking lumps out of each other.

My favourite act was Writing on the Wall great band. A few years later Status Quo played but those 2 festivals were a treat and all for 25 bob.Also went to Buxton in 72 god awful place the first people I saw were the Chaves boys from across my street. Crystal Palace with the Floyd, the Oval with ELP ( all for a £ 1) and the Who at the Vetch plus many Readings.

Thanks for the memories.

Len Saunders

I don't want to spoil great memories, but does anybody remember the skinheads' ambush as we came out of the gig? There must have been at least 20 of them ripping into anybody with long hair. Very unpleasant. Apart from that, and Taste and Yes not turning up, good gig.

Roger Hogan

I was 17 when that concert took place and I remember Taste couldn't make it because they were stuck on the European mainland. I also remember that Idle Race were there filling in for someone, possibly Yes, and Groundhogs were definitely there. I have a memory of strobe lighting during Hawkwind's set and me and my mate missed the last bus and walked home to Maesteg, which from Aberavon is probably about 10 miles. But what a great night and I'd forgotten about some of those bands like Writing on the Wall and had forgotten Keef Hartley was there. Brilliant!
Steve Davies

Glad to have found this page.
Groundhogs definitely played. Atomic rooster were great but Keef Hartley band were brilliant - saw them six times in all including their appearance at The Marquee when they recorded live (I think?)
Don’t remember Stacia with Hawkwind but fairly certain Lemmy was with them.

Robert Hopkins

Thought i'd write and give this a shot!! I was the drummer with Galliard back in the late 60's and early 70's. According to some publicity I have on the gig (melody maker add) we played there (Afan Festival Port Talbot May 1970) along with Skin Alley, Gypsy and Hawkwind. However, I can't find a poster with the name of Galliard on it. The festival line up was advertised on an ad in the Melody Maker.  We (Galliard) had been booked on to the festival for months but as mentioned I can't find a poster.
 Les Podraza


I was the first respondent on your page (Jeff Holmes), not quite sure who actually appeared.  Last week I came across a festival programme amongst some old football programmes.  I have scanned all pages and attached them.  My notes written on the day regarding who appeared should settle any doubt. 

A mate drove 4 of us down from Newport in a tiny Austin A35, squeezing in two female hitch-hikers somewhere along the way.  After the concert the 4 of us walked a mile or two, then slept in a field.  Fortunately the weather was fine.  Next day we started hitching back.  The first two got away quickly, but two of us ended up walking well over half the way back to Newport - over 9 hours.

I never ever got to see Yes, but did see Taste at the IoW a few months later.  I hitched down, but returned by train.

Jeff Holmes


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