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Hartlepool Football Ground

May 29th 1971.

Beggars Opera, Arrival

   Another Football club one day bash , again possibly held to pull in money to prop up their sagging finances as Hartlepool were stuggling to avoid dropping out of the league altogether in 1971. The incredibly weird Scottish Band Beggars Opera was possibly a strange choice to headline, but the sole eyewitness account we have found raves about how good they were.

   For some reason 1971 seems to have been the year of small one day festivals at established venues such as racecourse and football grounds. We presume most of them were financial failures as they did not lead to a series of events over a number of years. Insufficient draw cards would be the main reason that springs to mind . Whilst many of these bands were worthy performers , they were not in the league to draw in many thousands of punters and if we add in the vagaries of British weather , we can see why these sort of events had a short shelf life. When bands such as the Who or Yes played stadiums there was far more chance of financial success, although the ill fated Gateshead ventures in the early 80s , even when featuring bands such as The Police, indicate that there is always a chance that a promoter can take a financial bath on almost all UK outdoor rock events if circumstances are not right .

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