Womad 97.


RH played in the Big Top (a circus-tent type area) which was the biggest of the indoor stages. The preceding band were an excellent outfit from Mali called Habib Koite and Bamada (see http://realworld.on.net/womad/artists/koite.html).

RH was accompanied by Tim Keegan and Ntchuks Bonga. Jonathan Turner claimed that Ntchuks's sax playing was "less far out" than it had been on a previous gig, to which I could only reply that it must have been truly weird last time. I will post the full set list in due course. Main shirt

as tubes of paint(?); encore shirt was black polka dots on white.

M R Godwin 

Subject: WOMAD set list (100% guaranteed RH content)

RH was booked to come on stage at 8.30 but, despite the regimental punctuality of the WOMAD organisation, didn't actually appear until after 8.35. As mentioned before, shirt was tubes of paint.


Gene Hackman

Beautiful Girl

Serpent at the Gates of Wisdom

My Wife and My Dead Wife



Madonna of the Wasps

Jewels for Sophia

Elizabeth Jade



I'm Only You (complete with John Martyn echo guitar coda)



Devil's Radio (with radio interference noises on sax)


(At this stage I lost track of who was accompanying which numbers but

"Trains" was definitely solo))


Lizard song about Jim Morrison

I Am Not Me (blue Telecaster)

I Often Dream Of Trains

Wild enthusiasm from the Reading crowd at mention of 'Basingstoke and Reading' of course. RH went into a guitar bit after the last verse, looked at his wristwatch, realised it was 9.30, said "I've run out of time"and left the stage.

He returned in white with black polka dots, accompanied by TK on funky banana and NB on sax, for encores of:

I Dream of Antwoman

Arnold Layne ("This is for the late Syd Barrett")

It was the first time I had heard many of these songs played live, and I particularly liked 'Elizabeth Jade'. I'd say that RH was well-received by a mainly non-feg audience, but it was spoiled for me by some silly girls who decided to sit next to me right at the front and talked all the way through...

Next report from your correspondent at sea, with luck. Hope I don't get shanghai'd by a high-hat beaver mustache man and his pirate friend. No telling where I might wake up...

- Mike Godwin

PS During "I'm Only You" it struck me that he doesn't seem to write songs

about policemen any more. Am I right? 

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