The Woburn Music Festival .
ly 6-7th 1968.

           Links to some of the artists who appeared at the festival.
Roy Harper.

Roy Harper on the Web  the official web site, links to fanzines and other stuff
Roy Harper HQ: excellent Harper site with lots of info.

Jaqui McShees Pentangle home page.

Strange Band - THE ultimate Family site, reviews, discussion list, photos the works.

Tyrannosaurus Rex.
The Tomb . T Rex and Ty Rex links et al.

Jimi Hendrix.
Univibes- one of the most complete Hendrix sites on theweb, everything is covered in minute detail. The ultimate Hendrix at Woburn archive.

Fleetwood Mac.
The Penguin - Heavy to load intitially , but worth the wait.Its got almost every fact you would ever wihs to know abou this band

John Mayall and the Bluesbreakers.
Knights in Blue Denim.
The 60s Web.