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last update April 2007

    Welcome to our traders /contacts page,for Australia, New Zealand and Asia .If you would like to be included on this list, send us an email and we will sign you up asap.


Traders & Contacts

last updated April 2007.

There has been an influx of Melbournians contacting me in the past few months , apologies for the tardiness in addding your details to the list .

New April 2007 .

  • Anna Page
  • Melbourne VIC.
  • Just returned after 21 years in the states.
    Enjoyed countless GD shows between 86 and 95. In addition to plenty of other jambands and good old classic rock/ folk concerts.
    Have some decent stuff to trade. Interested in making contact to reminisce about "the boys" and find out about the Melb. Music scene.
  • anna@brightstarfengshui.com

  • Chas Hutchinson
  • Have been a deadhead since the 60's,add me to your list as iwould like to communicate with fellow heads of all ages.
  • gratefultiger@hotmail.com

  • Great Offwhite Dude . Adelaide.  
  • Trades Dead, Panic, A-Z others.  
  •  Contact email

  • Ian Fry.Adelaide.  
  • Trades Dead, Panic,Zero and others.  
  • ozdh@yahoo.com  


  • Bradley Dilli.:Melbourne.  
  • Trades Dead.  
  • b.dilli@pgrad.unimelb.edu.au 
  • Homepage & list-http://www.geocities.com/rainforest/1925/traderhome.html 

  • Steve Jackson. Brisbane.  
  • Not currently trading much, but happy to meet up with other heads in the Brisbane area..  
  • jacksondownunda@hotmail.com

  • John Hardaker Sydney.  
  • Posted on official dead homepage, not known if he trades or not..  
  • prox@talent.com.au     

  • S Morita. Japan. moliken@pa.airnet.ne.jp  
  • Interested in Dead, links to website with japanese links.  
  • Check out his website on our links page  

  • Peter Bersani. Christchurch. NZ.  
  • ex US head, he's seen lots of shows.  
  • bellanco@ihug.com.nz  

  • Jennifer Morrison 
  • Another Adelaide head ,tourhead in 90's Into Dead, Leftover Salmon, Zero. 
  • jennifer@ripple.org 
  • Home page : http://www.ripple.org 

  • Eric Daniel.  
  • Sydney. 
  • Mainly interested in gd, but venturing into KVHW, Zero,Phish etc and generally trade cd-r's, can trade analog, but not DAT. 
  • oracsol@ihug.com.au 

  •  JIM SYKES  -changed e-mail address.
  • Brisbane.  
  • Trading Dead, Phish, String Cheese Incident, moe., Dylan, WSP etc: interested in new Shorten download sites
  • sykes21@optushome.com.au

  • Josh Arzt-  
  • Melbourne. Ex Us Head, has a reasonable collection, wants to meet other heads in Melbourne. 
  • Joshua Arzt unohoo@one.net.au 

  • Mark Bryant  
  • Melbourne, wants to trade tapes and meet other Deadheads, work email, so watch what you say in any messages.. 
  • "Bryant, Mark A (AU, PDD)" mab87445@GlaxoWellcome.co.uk 

  • Tim Horpinich  
  • Melbourne. 2/243 pascoe vale rd . essendon. 3040. 
  • Trades Dead.  

  • Maddy Atkinson.  
  • Melbourne  
  • maddymaitri@yahoo.com.au
  • trades Dead, JG/JGB, Phish, Hendrix, Crosby, Young and SF 60s

  • New!
  • Rob Tilmouth 
  • Adelaide- trading Dead and lots more and is really into bluegrass and country as well 
  • rjt24@bigpond.com

  • New!
  • Rocky Bihary
  • Melbourne . Have a huge collection of Phish, and also some Dead, moe, SCI, KVHW, WSP and more. Happy to trade CDR's anytime. 
  • rockybihary@excite.com

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