The Robyn Tarot Set 

Date: Thu, 16 Oct 1997 

Subject: robyn game 


all this talk about feast/bowl/pod/fistful of frogs reminded me of something else that happened at bumbershoot. We were hanging out in the stadium, waiting for the next band, with the lovely space needle in view. Daniel was trying to teach me how to play Magic with a cardset he got free from the Wizards of the Coast booth. I was undecided on my next move. "Hit him with your globe of frogs," Lobsterman suggested.

It would be kind of blasphemous for someone else to draw a tarot-esque deck of cards of robyn characters, but perhaps one of you artistic types would like to try.

here are a few ideas. i still don't know how to play magic, so we'd need the help of someone who does (and you know who you are.)

the face of death

lightbulb head

the cat's head


professor fane

madonna of the wasps

the fly

the black crow

the leopard

the crawling (the shadow/the thing itself)

leppo/the jooves

balloon man

acid bird

the lizard

sandra's brain

the abandoned brain

anglepoise lamp

the sacred crab

capt. dry

ghost ship



fiend (before the shrine)



the dust

beautiful girl

transparent lover

queen elvis

chinese water python

executioner of love


jj loomis

mr. deadly

vegetable friend

madonna of the wasps



- --environments


globe of frogs

kingdom of love

the glass hotel

the pit of souls

st. petersburg


college of ice


raining twilight coast


an inner plane


the aetheric plane

the future (to strand someone in)

the gates of wisdom

the city of shame

out of the picture



- --spells/weapons


positive vibrations

underwater moonlight

egyptian cream

wax doll

uncorrected personality traits

groovy decay/decoy

cynthia mask

your devil mask

your drugs

brenda's iron sledge

furry green atom bomb

winter love

Date: Fri, 17 Oct 1997 08:41:31 -0700

From: Runion, Michael R.)

Subject: Re: robyn game

Hey, this is fun...


More characters:

statue with a walkman

dr. sticky

queen of eyes

lady waters

the hooded one

the insect mother

the filthy bird

the dark princess

elizabeth jade

clean steve

child of the universe

the man with the woman's shadow

the weighing machine

milo, the conductor (hissing "fleshhead!")

sleeping knights of jesus


More environments:

de chirico street


the moon inside

my favorite buildings

raymond chandler evenings


More weapons/spells:

the arms of love

harrison ford posters

spanner, canopener

a long red bottle of wine


Just a little brain activity early on a Friday morn...


Date: Sat, 18 Oct 1997 16:01:24 +1300 (NZDT)

From: james.dignan

Subject: Re: Geography/Tarota


M R Godwin gazetters away merrily, listing places in

Robyn's songs.


He forgets that sometimes the stories in the album liner notes also include places, such as my old home town of Barnet, 10 miles NW of London. It's also the northern terminus of the Northern Line

Bayard suggested tarot-esque cards using robyn songs. Funnily enough, although I don't play any of the Magic style card games, I do use tarot cards. And I am in the process of designing two sets, one of which is a musical set of 78 songs each relating to one of the major or minor arcana. So... let's have a look at what Bayard suggested...

The man who invented himself - The Magician

The gates of wisdom - The High Priestess

The queen of eyes - The empress

Clean Steve - The emperor

Underwater moonlight - The lovers

Balloon Man - Strength

The black crow - The hermit

Oceanside - The wheel of life

Elaine - Justice

Queen Elvis - The hanged man

The face of death - Death

Madonna of the wasps - Temperance

Mr. deadly - The devil

Brenda's iron sledge - The tower

Positive vibrations - The star

The ghost ship - The moon

Airscape - The sun

Egyptian cream - Judgement

Globe of frogs - The world



James (the opinions and thoughts expressed above are not those of the Psych

department, who view me occasionally as a bit of a worry!)

Eddie Tews

>Sent: Saturday, October 18, 1997 11:26 AM


>Subject: re: robyn game

bayard, this post was like, "a miracle straight from heaven!" certainly the most enjoyable post i've read since caphuchin's viva sea-tac tell-all. may i VERY HUMBLY offer a few more?



>Moose Mark

>Gene Hackman

>Mr. Avon

>The Yodelling Hoover

>The Fly


>Crunchy Little Superman

>Mental Dungheap Larry





>Trapped Inside This Song

>Wading Through a Ventilator

>Rock 'n' Roll Toilet

>The Cars She Used To Drive

>Trams of Old London

>Nightride to Trinidad


>The Wreck of the Arthur Lee

>In the River on a Punt

>A Penthouse Full of Dwarves





>Look Out For that Cat!

>Eaten by Her Own Dinner


>Wallpaper Over Your Cracks

>The Organism Rapes Itself

>Insanely Jealous


>Cover Each Other With Soap

>Teach Me Foreign Languages (But Don't Give Me Any Food)

>Zipper in You Spine

>Laying Eggs Under My Skin

>It Could Be a Firehose, or It Could Be a Flan

>Moist and Cheesy

>Blinking On and Off

>I Something You

>Making the Customers Sick

>Messages of Dark

>A Pox Upon the Media

>Tropical Flesh Mandala

>Raw Cuts


here endeth the tarot exposition, so who's going to do it ,hmm?-The only person I know who has tried to design a tarot set took two years to do the art work , its a big job....

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