The Soft Boys

Live @ Lady Mitchell Hall - Cambridge, UK




I Want To Be An Anglepoise Lamp

Do The Chisel


Human Music

Give It To The Soft Boys

Hear My Brane

I Wish I Was A Boy

Heartbreak Hotel

A Most Peculiar Voice

Caroline Says

Muriel's Hoof/ Rout of the Clones

Return Of The Sacred Crab

Blues In The Dark

The Bells Of Rhymney

Sandra's Having Her Brain Out

The Pigworker

Skool Dinner Blues

Cold Turkey

Leppo And The Jooves

Have A Heart, Betty (I'm Not Fireproof)


e1: I Like Bananas (because they have no bones)


e2: Wading Through A Ventilator


Lineup: Robyn H. v,g

Kimberley Rew g,v

Andy Metcalfe b,v

Morris Windsor d,v

Jim Melton harmonica, percussion, v


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