Great American Music Hall.
San Francisco: 6-4-97.

Russ Reynolds

Subject: SF setlist


Set list from last night's show at the Great American Music Hall in San Francisco:


solo acoustic

Gene Hackman


Wind Cries Mary

Clean Steve

w/ Tim (both acoustic)

Madonna of the Wasps

Jewels For Sophia

Put It On Your Fruit Mic *

Dark Princess

solo acoustic

Glass Hotel

Beautiful Girl

solo electric

She Doesn't Exist

Raymond Chandler Evening **

Arnold Layne

Are You Experienced


ENCORE - solo electric

Speed of Things

w/ Tim (both acoustic)

Queen Of Eyes

Acid Bird

Beautiful Queen

solo electric

Kingdom of Love


* Tim had a banana maraca and a special microphone at banana maraca level. Robyn, after telling Tim to put the banana maraca on his "fruit mic", improvised this quick little tune. Don't look for it on his next album.


Nick Winkworth

Subject: Happy Halloween!


A quick first reaction report on the SF show. I'm sure others will do a better and more complete job -- I don't even have the set list.

1- Public thanks to Mark for driving the bus, and for introducing me to San Francisco's exotic gourmet ethnic cuisine.

2- What a great show! Easily one of the best of (my) recent memory. He was clearly enjoying himself, on fine vocal form and ready to attempt some guitar work that was <ahem> "risky".

3- The advertised support act didn't show, which just added to the spontaneity of the evening. Tim "young robyn" Keegan did a fine job of filling the slot. Robyn introduced him personally and then watched from the side.

4- By all rights "Ted" the sound guy should be looking for a new job this morning. The evening was peppered with requests to tweak the sound.

5- Blinking rate was less than usual. (maybe he was feeling more confident on "home" territory)

6- I could swear he's been reading the list.

- He is clearly *not* fed up with playing!

- Not much between song banter :(

- What banter there was certainly sounded very spontaneous

- He deliberately and clearly sang "Bucky the pig" (Mark and I looked at each other and nearly fell off our chairs--Afterwards Russ denied this ever happened. I think he must have been in the restroom or something...)

6a- A very varied and adventurous set. I'm sure someone will post it. Nice mix of brand new, recent, covers and oldies. Loved the new songs: "Gene Hackman", "Jewels for Sophia" and "Dark Princess" (were there others?). Lots of highlights from the catalog. ("Raymond Chandler Evening" has changed key, according to Mark. "Must be that low E"). "Arnold Layne" was way cool. "Acid Bird" was a nice surprise but *two* Hendrix covers? "Wind Cries Mary", OK -- but "Are You Experienced"?!


Coneless no more


Subject: Re: Happy Halloween!

Date: Thu, 5 Jun 97

From: Tom Clark

Regarding last night's show, I must agree it was the most enjoyable performance I've seen in quite a while. Robby-baby seemed pretty energized and happy to be there amongst friends (I really think he's developed a nice "I remember you from all the other gigs and all I need to do is look you right in the eye just long enough to make you uncomfortable" type of thing with his fans, but I digress). Fashion report: While introducing Tim, he was wearing a really neet-o Crayola Crayon shirt. For the main set, a kinda limey (no pun intended) shirt w/ black vest. Encore - that brownish thing with salamanders all over it. At one point I turned to my wife and asked "Do you think I could get my hair to look like his?" To which she had no hesitation in replying "I was wondering the same thing!"

The sound wasn't too great, unfortunately. Ted the sound man was smoking crack or something last night. Not only were Robyn and Tim constantly asking for monitor tweaks, but during "Beautiful Queen" there was a nasty feedack problem right around Robyn's midrange.

Now I shall comment:

He improvised a Philip Marlowe story during the middle of "Raymond Chandler Evening" that would have made Chandler himself proud. Marlowe was driving around drinking Jim Beam with a windup gramaphone strapped to the roof playing "Caravan" ("They didn't have Walkmans in those days,kids"). He stops in front of a white adobe house on Mulholland that has bright lights pouring out of it, but no movement inside. He gets out and leans against the car - waiting. He's going to have to wait for a long time - it's his house.

> - He deliberately and clearly sang "Bucky the pig" (Mark and I

> looked at each other and nearly fell off our chairs--Afterwards

> Russ denied this ever happened. I think he must have been in the

> restroom or something...)

We almost came to blows on this one. I was sitting not more than 12 feet away from The Man Himself and he clearly mouthed "Mucky". You guys in the back of the room didn't hear it right (re: Ted's crack habit).
>7a- ... *two*

>Hendrix covers? "Wind Cries Mary", OK -- but "Are You Experienced"?!


I would have given up "Mary" for another original, but "Experienced" was way cool. He pulled off one of those wicked solos that seem to go nowhere and everywhere at the same time. I had to close my eyes and just listen for a while.

Same with Arnold Layne. After he finished it he fiddled around with one of his pedals and realized he had it set wrong. So he did the solo all over again and ran it right into "Are You Experienced".that's it from Cupertino folks. Good luck to those of you in theNorthwest.

tc "don't singe your fingers on those flaming gourds!"


From: Russ Reynolds

Subject: Re: Happy Halloween

FYI for those not in attendance last night, Robyn opened the show by saying "happy halloween", and proceded with the rest of the evening as if it were. This is bound to have tape traders scratching their heads over the actual date of this show years from now.


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