Memories of Portland shows the night Robyn's father died of cancer.

Ive got my ticket stubs in front of me now. It was the 23 and 24th Feb, 92. (the 23rd at the Roesland, as you pointed out). They were fantastic shows but a little weird knowing that Robyn's father had died. I think that as far as Egyptians tours are concerned that one stands out as my favorite Egyptians show ( as compared to the 1993 tour, I didnt see them in the 80's). The acoustic potions of those shows were tremendous. The set list of the shows::

Portland Feb 23 1992


Acid Bird

Somewhere Apart

So You Think Your'e In love

Vegetation & Dimes

Globe of Frogs

If You Go Away


Dark Green Energy

Uncorrected Personality Traits

Ultra Unbelievable Love

Arms of Love

Allright Yeah


Clean Steve


Glass Hotel

Vera Lynn

My Wife And My Dead Wife




Eugene - Feb. 24, 1992

Birds In Perspex

So You Think Your'e In Love

Vegetation & Dimes

Balloon Man

Child Of The Universe


Uncorrected Personality Traits


Chinese Bones

Globe Of Frogs

When I Was Dead (announces his father had died, dedicates the song to him.)

One Long Pair Of Eyes

Eight Miles High

Madonna Of the Wasps

Glass Hotel


Chimes Of Freedom

I'm Only You

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