Robyn in Minneapolis.


5/24/97 Cedar Cultural Center, Minneapolis MN

Charles Gillett

Date: Sun, 25 May 1997

Hi all -


A couple hours before the show proper, Robyn and Tim played at Let It Be Records in Minneapolis:


My Favorite Buildings (dedicated to the Foshay Tower)

DeChirico Street

Jewels for Sophia

Alright Yeah

Elizabeth Jade

...and here's the show setlist as best I could make it out. I was able to identify some of the new songs as the ones that have been discussed 'round here lately, but a couple are still mysteries to me.


5/24/97 Cedar Cultural Center, Minneapolis MN

+ = with Tim Keegan * = electric

Daisy Bomb

Beep Beep (or Peep Peep? Something about bones? Possibly Loop the Loop?)

Serpent at the Gates of Wisdom


DeChirico Street+

Madonna of the Wasps+

Nick Drake+ (what's the real title? It was all "I saw Nick Drake...etc")

Glass Hotel

A song mentioning a Gypsy and a beautiful dancing girl*

Queen Jane Approximately*

Raymond Chandler Evening*

You & Oblivion*



Gene Hackman


Alright Yeah+*

Beautiful Queen+*


I Often Dream of Trains* (dedicated to his mother and local music

critic Jim Walsh)

Nothing galls me more than sending out a setlist with incomplete info, but in this case I believe speed is probably more important than accuracy. The show was as good as his last show at the Cultural Center, which was a billion times better than his last show at the crowded, smelly First Avenue. Which isn't to say I necessarily dislike First Avenue. Anyway....

Robyn was quite talkative, pondering why it is we wear clothes when, if we didn't, after a few generations we'd all grow a thick rind and "possibly a genital modesty flap." He also chatted about Charles Aznavour's giraffe hangup and described in vivid detail a chance meeting with Eric Clapton, who (in this particular mythology) was responsible for the cones merchandise. Robyn explained that just as humans exist to replicate DNA, so rock 'n' roll exists to replicate t-shirts. Whilst looking for an alternative, Robyn met Clapton at a time when Clapton was a fish in a large tank. Clapton mouthed "cones" at Robyn, and thus was born these lovely $15 darlings we all covet so. I handled mine gingerly as I made my way home, and now it's sitting on one of my speakers. A friend of mine bought two--the glutton!

First things last: Tim Keegan was a very good opening act, I thought. I was tempted to purchase a Homer item, but then I realized that that would require money, of which I had none after buying my cone.

I hope you folks can fill in the question marks in my setlist, and I'll post more details if they surface in my teeny brain.

- Charles Gillett

Subject: Minneapolis show / instore

David A. Willems)

I first went to the instore appearance at Let It Be Records in Minneapolis. The speakers were crappy, but he played three new songs (after an embarassing story about why he was late, involving tentacles etc... it seemed like he was just trying to give the audience what they wanted, but it just sounded like a parody of himself). Anyway he did:


My Favorite Buildings

De Chirico Street

Alright, Yeah ("this is one of the most bland songs I've ever written" - is WB Records making him play it?)
Jewels for Elise (?)
and one other new one, another woman's name mary-jane or something - all very good

He signed people's stuff. Now here I want to mention something of personal opinion: I think it's very rude to bring your entire collection of Robyn Hitchcock/Soft Boys material to be signed by him. I mean people were giving him like 10 records to sign, including bootlegs. I think it's very inconsiderate.

Someone brought a blender he had bought, I thought was very clever. Film and soundtrack in February, new album not till after that!


David Willems

julien kerner.

Subject: Minneapolis show


I saw the Minneapolis show on Saturday night and it was excellent. It was in this small culture center that looked just like my gradeschool gymnasium. I saw him there last year, as well.

Apparently, it was Bob Dylan's birthday, so he paid respect and played two Dylan songs, Queen Jane Approximately and another I didn't know (I am such a loser). He spoke about how he would never have become a musician if it hadn't been for Bob. I wonder if he made it out to Hibbing (Bob's birthplace).

He mentioned a dream he had about Nick Drake, who, he stressed, was very content and in no way depressed. That's nice to hear, for a change.

He also mentioned (and kept mentioning) a dream he had about Eric Clapton, who was in the form of a fish (insert Robynesque detailed descritpion here), being wheeled around in a giant fishtank and, when Robyn asked him about the connection between rock music and t-shirts, he gave him the idea for these cones that he is selling now. The story was hysterically funny - he had to interpret the word "cones" out of a trail of bubbles coming from Clapton's mouth. You can imagine.

His last encore was I Often Dream of Trains, which he dedicated to his mother and to Jim Walsh, a local Mpls rock critic (and a very good one). He did the same thing last year, only eh inserted Jim's name into the song:

I often dream of trains when I'm with you, Jim,

I wonder if you dream about them too, Jim

..."Very funny.

Oh yeah, and his last words were "See you next year!" :)

>He also mentioned (and kept mentioning) a dream he had about Eric Clapton,

>who was in the form of a fish (insert Robynesque detailed descritpion here),

>being wheeled around in a giant fishtank and, when Robyn asked him about the

>connection between rock music and t-shirts, he gave him the idea for

>these cones that he is selling now.

<sigh> What, no mention of tentacles?


Nick Winkworth

CC: "Bonde M'Teko"

Subject: Re: Minneapolis


Tracy Aileen Copeland wrote re; autographs:

> I'd bring a front wheel for a 1993 Buick LeSabre, if I could find

> one before my mom gets back to the country ...


Would that be the two-slot pop-up model with the dual doneness controls? Perhaps you could tell your mom that you sent the wheel to Robyn to be autographed, but unfortunately having been signed by the man himself it achieved such astronomical value (on account of it's being the only 1993 Buick LeSabre front wheel signed by Robyn in existance), that it was immediately stolen by Mick Jagger as a birthday present for Keith. The ensuing legal wrangles have resulted in it being locked in a bank vault under constant armed guard, until all the lawyers are paid, whereupon it will be returned to it's rightful owner (i.e. your mom). "Should be back any day now. Honest."


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