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The doors opened a little later Saturday; it appeared they needed more time to soundcheck. On entering and paying the cover, we were all asked which artist (Tim, Robyn, Colin Hay) we were there to see. Their explanation was that those tallies were used to determine how much of the money taken in in cover charges would go to which artist. Is this standard procedure?

Anyway, Tim opened (same red sweatshirt, black trousers, and boots, but a hat this time and no stool). Someone in the audience blurted out "Disneyland!" after his first song, to which he said, "I played that last night. You can't do a song two nights in a row, that's cheating." After a long pause, racking his brain for more ideas, seemingly getting confused about something, trying to come up with a plan, and getting exasperated, he finally said, "All right, I'll play Disneyland."

Anyway, after a bit (including a brand new song which was excellent) Robyn came out to assist on a song that I don't remember, after which they did a rousing "Superkeen." Very satisfying.

Robyn came back out after a brief intermission, decked out in his b/w checkered shirt and black trousers (though he was seen earlier at Largo with his famed green trousers). After a massive search for a harmonica in D, and kicking around the idea of trying one in C, Jon scampered out with the desired instrument. Off Robyn went.

Visions of Johanna (!)

1974 (after a monolouge about a 90s revival)

<enter Tim>

DeChirico St.

Elizabeth Jade

Jewels For Sophia (with a monologue about sex, bank

accounts, Santa Claus, and Eric Idle)

<enter Jon Brion>

Queen Elvis

Queen Of Eyes

<enter Grant Lee Phillips>

Macarena / Golden Years / Fame '98

I Feel Beautiful

Antwoman (electric, and awesome)

Robyn's voice was obviously tired from the studio work he's done over the past few days. The vocal bit at the end of DeChirico Street he did an octave below what he usually does, and he had to strain in some parts elsewhere. Still, he was relaxed and having a good time, and it was a fun set.

One absolutely surreal moment happened during the show as Robyn apparently forgot the chords to Queen of Eyes. That's right, Queen Of Eyes. Right in the "Here I am again" bit Robyn called out "wait" and figured it out, with Tim looking up at him as though the world didn't make sense anymore. We in the audience just looked at each other in disbelief. I don't know exactly what threw him off, but it was really odd to watch. An admirable recovery though. He then did a new "I wish I was <this>, I wish I was <that>" line, but I don't remember what it was.

There was absolute mayhem onstage when Grant walked on and found Jon's Macarena gorilla doll. He turned it on, held it up to the mike, and before long he launched into a Bowie tune accompanied by the toy. Amazing how well they fit together. He and Robyn did an acapella duet for a time, dancing all the while, before fading out with another Bowie tune. It was hilarious.

10-jan 98

So, at about 1 AM, Robyn's quartet reemerged, declared themselves to be "The Evil Church Bells," and launched into Buddy Holly's "Peggy Sue." There were too many songs in there I didn't recognize for me to keep an accurate setlist, and in fact all I remember right now is Soul Kitchen (Doors). Well, that and the one below...

One more story before you go on about your day. Peter, Julie, and I had been talking before the show about what we hoped they'd play; Peter was hoping they would do Beautiful Queen, Julie wanted to hear Queen of Eyes,and I was hoping for Elizabeth Jade and/or a Byrds tune. Well, EJ and QoE fell early. Then Robyn said to Tim "Shall we do BQ or bring on Grant?" And Grant charged the stage as Peter looked on in horror. Beautiful Queen is right there on the setlist, but they didn't play it.

But not even that compares to how The Evil Church Bells left me hanging. They got a full line or two into Bells of Rhymney, Robyn gently playing the electric, and Ethan banging up a storm on drums. Then Robyn stopped everything, saying "Hold it! This song needs to be done much more delicately." Then they switched and did a far less delicate tune. Argh!

Anyway, a very good show, VoJ was a wonderful, wonderful surprise, and we all are going to very carefully check upcoming shows at this place... ift weren't for Woj's post, we would have missed out on this. Many thanks to Woj.

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