Cat's Cradle. 

Chapel Hill.3-3-97.


(Jill Sunderlin)

Subject: more on cats cradle show

Just a few late added notes to what's already been posted about the 3/3 show at the Cat's Cradle in Chapel Hill. My husband Brad and I came downfrom our home outside Abingdon, Virginia for it, and met up beforehand with fellow list member Bret, who recently moved to NC from Texas. Bret is the one who rolled the radishes on stage during the show, which Robyn picked up and sat next to the wooden banana on the table next to him, under the lamp with the green pom poms. There had also been a lime (real) with the banana, but early in the show Robyn stuck it on top of the green traffic cone with the upside down duck.

In the reading Robyn did from a book at the beginning and end of the show, the character "Dr. Benway" appeared -- making us think of William Burroughs. This didn't seem to be the same book he was ad-libbing from at the other shows, as I don't remember a Marlowe being mentioned. Bret wasclose enough to see a title, but it wasn't anything we recognized.

After Robyn played "Adoration of the City" he commented that it was the first time he'd played it and that he was taking it for a test drive. He also said it was based on an etching his girlfriend had done. For the guitar curious -- Robyn was playing the new blue telecaster he bought in Nashville. He said that one of the reasons he'd always liked telecasters is that they looked like they'd had a "big bite" taken out of them.

We did get some photos of us (bret, jill and brad) and of the show-- but as it is a new camera we'll have to see if they came out. We also got a pre-show photo of the lamp in the back of the car Robyn and Igor (he kept referring to him as Igor throughout the show) are traveling in -- a "lamp in repose" shot.

Cones were available for $15 each, and apparently are no longer numbered. The one we got is titled "Dawn of the Prawns", and has a prawn emerging through 6 drawings with the captions "!", "ooh", "uh", and "yes" with the last two frames having little flower like buds floating off. At the end of the show Robyn talked about how he was doing cones instead of t-shirts, since everyone else had t-shirts -- he said he was going to become known for cones.

It was a good show -- 1974 was much better than when we heard him play it in December. Sorry we missed the other list members who were there. We did try to get a picture with Robyn after the show, but when we asked him he said, "Sorry, nothing personal, but I hate to have my picture taken."

jill and brad 

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