The Concorde. Brighton .12-1-97.


Tue, 02 Dec 1997

From: Nos Ferraatu 

Subject: Brighton


Well....I just got in a bunch of hours ago from my Thanksgiving break

trip across the pond--and a nice Monday night in Brighton.

Tim Keegan (and all of Homer) opened up for Robyn at the Concorde for what was to be a really nice evening. The acoustic Homer (complete withstand up bass) on, according to Tim, the first night of their tour wasa n excellent opener.

While I didn't write down the set from beginning to end and I'm forgetful as anything, there were some highlights. Robyn played a lot of the new material including some stuff I hadn't heard before (help--anybody who can put names to songs....)

He started out with a nice version of "Gene Hackman," and a few songs

later went onto a song that had something of a newness to it. "Parasol"

was the closest I could come to divining a name. 

Great versions of "Glass Hotel" and "Madonna of the Wasps" (the last

with Tim)--as well as "Jewels for Sophia."

The one real curiosity was something that was new to me. As close as I

can guess it would be called "I Feel Beautiful (Because You Love Me)." 

It may very well be a cover, but I hadn't heard it before.

The encore(s) held "Rain," amoung others, and the end of show was a

great version of "I Often Dream of Trains." No "Airscape," though. 

There was new (to me at least) segues into the standards as well as a

new derivitive of "Clean Steve." The same "the person nobody knows but

everybody knows somebody who knows him" intro, but a bevy of new

tangents in the song itself including a nice bit on monorails, and a

"you could have knocked him down with the west pier, if it had been

refurbished," or something akin to that.


The clothes? A black shirt with white polkadots at the start (precluded

by "what IS he wearing?" from my fiancee), with the encore being even

closer to over-the-top with a reddish shirt with massive green apples

all over it.

When I get the pictures developed I'll make 'em available to those in

the know.

Mrs. Wafflehead (or now Antwoman, I would guess) must've cleaned out the closets for this one as well. In addition to the duck tees there were a slew of older ones as well, including a white "Man w/a Woman's Shadow" and black "Jasper, This One's Evil." A lot of older vinyl as well as some CD singles and "Gotta Let This Hen Out!" videos.

I didn't tape the show as my source for equipment wasn't around, and I didn't see anyone else doing it either (though there was a video cameraout during Homer's set). If anyone on-list was there and taped the show, please drop me a line.

Anyway, this has been really scatterbrained. 


the soon-to-be jetlagged ferris. 

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