Thoth and Thoth, what is Thoth?

From: LSDiamond

Subject: Thoth and thoth, what is thoth?


Pardon my ignorance here, but what exactly is this thoth of which everyone


Thoth is an Egyptian god with the head of an ibis. Strictly speaking his name should rhyme with "both", not "Goth", but I've never heard anyone pronounce it correctly unless they were correcting someone else. He was the divine lawyer who checked the balance in the Hall of the Dead when human hearts were weighted before Osiris; he measured out people's lifespan on a rod at their birth; and like most other Egypgian gods he had a lot of other complicated attributes.

That symbol on the _Fegmania!_ and _Element of Light_ albums (and scattered elsewhere - you'll find one on woj's Hitchcock page) is the head of Thoth, wearing the lunar disk and crescent. Any good book on Egyptian mythology should have tons of material on him.


Russ Reynolds

Subject: Re: Element of Thoth

> Thoth is an Egyptian god with the head of an ibis. Strictly

> speaking his name should rhyme with "both", not "Goth",

"tote" (like "toast" without the 's') is another acceptable pronunciation. 

So maybe we should consider making fegMANIAX Thoth bags.


Date: Thu, 19 Jun 1997

From: Bayard

Subject: Re: Element of Thoth

I read somewhere that not only is Thoth the god of knowledge, he was also the most powerful of the ancient immortals... I suppose this is where we get the idea that knowledge is power (and if i didn't know better, which i don't, it would seem like "thoth" and "thought" were suspiciously similar-looking.. can anyone recommend a tome of etymology, or even a nice online unabriged dictionary [i want to find out what "odious"means])

I did a search on the web and learned from an australian pagan on-line temple that Thoth was the counterpart of Mercury and Hermes as the patron of truth, learning and communication across the known world. Guess that does make him appropriate to our garment (esp. as he's also the god of eloquence... or was until he was deposed by the current Deity, now found in the Libyrinth(the Quail's website)


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