Robyn refutes the Fish/Squid obsession accusation......
"I don't know. that's not for me to say. I'm not aware of having an obsession with them. all you have to do is mention a crab here, a prawn there, and everyone says, 'oh boy, he's mad about shellfish.' someone gave us a live lobster in Chicago. We had to give it to the people who run the club -- I couldn't really be responsible for it." (1987)

"there's lots of creatures crawling all over the place, oozing out of each other...there's a high incidence of fish, underwater stuff on the new record -- people will say, 'ey up, Hitchcock's into fish again...' I'll go to America and get given a few more plastic lobsters. someone gave us a live lobster in a bucket in Chicago --at least they didn't throw it at us on stage -- the guy said he would!" (1988)

"Fish are beautiful-looking things as are crabs and prawns and insects wasps and bees. I don't like flies much. I just write about things that I like the look of. the next record will have a lot of stuff about cats and kiosks and dials. I seem to be into those things at the moment. I do like fish, though. A guy brought a live lobster onto the tour bus in chicago once. This hippy brought it in a whitebucket. we took it to the chicago home for lobsters. He said he was planning to throw it onstage. thank god he didn't. I would have retired if i'd been hit by a live lobster. they've go their place. but it's not being thrown at me onstage. mind you, I did get hit by some prawns once at the marquee. I thought for a second they'd burst out of me, like that thing in Alien. thankfully, this turned out not to be the case." (1995)

Thanks to Eddie Tews for the quotes.

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