Dreams of Robyn.
People have these occasionally and send them in to the list, a number of people have suggested that someone should post them , so here are some I have collected.


Subject: Dreams... Obsession?

Okay, here's an interesting thought--has anyone ever had a dream with Robyn in it? This thread seems familiar to me, and it may in fact have been covered already, but I dreamed last night that Robyn himself (either owned, or) was signing autographs and selling biscuits at a gas station somewhere in the middle of nowhere.. We're talking bigger and fluffier than Hardee's, too. :) Most people who came into the store didn't know, much less care,who this "guy with the funny accent" was, but I think I managed to get on his nerves a bit by coming back in a few times to say whatever stupid fannish thing next popped into my head.

Of course, this may just be a side effect to taking mass quantities of pain killers... The previous night, i dreamed my boss bought the church building we use to go to and kept it a church, but they served dinner there during the services.................. Maybe I just need therapy! :)


Re: Dreams... Obsession?

Date: Sun, 6 Jul 1997

From: "Daniel Saunders"

I dreamt they played a Robyn Hitchcock song during my grade 11 graduation ceremonies, which are even in real life quite a lavish affair, since I go to a private school. I think it was Queen Elvis, because I wasworrying what my classmates would think about the "german leather" verse.

Daniel Saunders

Mon, 7 Jul 1997

From: fiona zinovieff

I'm glad I'm not alone and LS Diamond has dreams to keep her/him(?) awake too. I had a recurring dream in which I met Robyn at a railway station and he asked me to look after three large trunks. I waited some time and he didn't come back so I lifted the lids to see what I was waiting for. The first trunk was full of childrens ice skates-brown leather ones like they used to hire out at Richmond icerink, I opened the second one and it was filled with climbing ropes all cut up into short lengths. I then started to open the third trunk and I wake up - Does anybody know what was in the third trunk? I don't think it was prawns cos there was no smell..........

....................................................................And he

didn't have a weird accent at all!!!

t(Eddie Tews)

Date: Tue, 22 Jul 1997

Subject: "I will jump rope one hundred times...and then i will EAT YOU!"

Last night i dreamed that robyn put on a concert for children --kind of like that guy, what's his name? noah something?-- in a fred meyer. there were about 20 kids and 5 adults watching. he played three songs, i think. one was something off ELIXIR, but i don't remember just what. the other two i didn't recognize at all. then, when he was finished, he was walking away, and he was wearing one of those drive-thru walkie-talkie things (once upon a time i worked at the dairy queen, and it seemed like i was ALWAYS stuck in the drive-thru, so that's probably where this comes from) and i was...well, you know how when you're in a store and somebody's walking down the next --what's the cross street of an aisle? is it an aisle also? but anyway, you know what i'm talking about, right? as you walk past each aisle you can kind of spy on the person. i was doing that. and every few seconds he would push the little button on the belt pack, and say something robynesque into the microphone, which utterance was broadcast over the store's p.a. then when he made his exeunt into the employee break room or whatever it was, he said, "i'm still with you in spirit" and everybody in the store laughed. the dream didn't end there. as a matter of fact, my car ended up being totalled by a bus later on. but there was no more of robyn, so i won't bore you with the rest of it.


Griffith Davies

Subject: dreams

I've been having strange dreams lately. One had Robyn performing "Filthy Bird" without a guitar. His only accompaniment was a string quartet. It was interesting. The other dream had Robyn performing "1974". This time it was country style, with Robyn on Slide Guitar. Somebody must of spiked my coffee or something. I guess it is just a residual memory from seeing Peter Buck on slide guitar last saturday night.....


Subject: Re: Fandom

I had this weird-ass Beach Boys dream once. I was stopped at a traffic light, and looked to my left and Mike Love was driving the adjacent car. I gasped, and followed him. He turned left shortly, and winded up into the hills on a long Bel Air-type road. Finally, we got to this huge estate...sort of The Beach Boys Mansion. I parked and snuck in the gate,and there was a huge house with this wide flat "lake area" in front. There was a big manmade pond/lake with water jets shooting up/around out of it,and all the Beach Boys were sort of standing and talking around the lake, chatting like at a cocktail party or something. It was so idyllic -- such a contrast to the way things really are. :


Eddie Tews.

i had a dream the other night that i was in a class. a high school-type class, i guess it was. Robyn, of course, was the teacher. the only other feg i could recognize in the class was jeme, who was performing all sorts of crazy antics, although he didn't have a yoyo. it could be that there were lots of other fegs that i haven't yet met in there. and when i finally *do* meet you, i'll be like, "ohhh yeaaahh, you're the one that robyn gave that detention to in that dream!" i'm pyschic, so this isn't as farfetched as it at first sounds.

susan added

Well, I once had a dream where I met Bob Dylan and he gave me a macadamia-nut chocolate bar. You know, one of those fancy "save the rainforest" kind. I guess Robyn giving me a detention is no less far-fetched than that, though of course I'd rather have a spanking :).

From: "Matthew Knights"

Subject: Dream [100% Robyn]

I thought I would inflict my Robyn dream last night on you all.

I was at a university campus. I found myself in a small dark venue, subterranean, dimly lit, with wooden panelled walls. It was a Robyn gig. Everyone was speaking in whispers, milling around waiting for the show to begin but I had drifted in by accident without paying. I didn't want to cheat on Robyn but instead of paying on the door I walked around and I found Robyn sitting alone against a wall, tuning up his guitar. I walked up to him and said "I owe you ten pounds", "Nine will do" he replied. But when I fished around in my pockets all I could find was a 500 Russian Rouble note which Robyn would not accept. Embarassed, I left to find a cash machine. Later I found myself back in the venue (I must have paid) which by now had grown into a large, noisy, brightly lit, concert hall holding 1000 or more fans. The show had started but all the seats were taken so I found myself seated on stage, watching the show sideways on. It was a great gig but I can't remember the set list. As part of an encore Robyn asked for any requests. I shouted out "Human Music" and then "HM" but, in true Robyn style, all requests, including mine, were ignored and he played Bells of Rhymney. At this point I noticed an electric piano set up on stage. Robyn asked for any volunteers in the audience who could play keyboards to accompany him. At this point the gig turned into a kind of audition with people queuing up to play. But after two songs Robyn got bored auditioning members of the audience and chose someone. But the person he chose had an accurate classical style with no soul. I shouted,

"No Robyn, you chose the wrong one!" Then I woke up.


From: John Barrington Jones

Subject: Gene Hackman

Had a Robyn related dream last night:

Gene Hackman was evil, he was chasing myself and a friend. I had a gun,one bullet left in it. I turned around and fired it almost point blank into his forehead. The hole it made was much smaller than it should've been, and just a small trickle of blood came from it. He kept yelling epithets at us, though now not advancing on us anymore.

My friend threw me an extra gun---a small gun, about the size of a pack of cigarettes--it only held two bullets in it. It had one bullet in it. I turned around and shot him again. Bigger hole this time, but still not as big as it should have been.

He just went on talking, unfazed. I was scared.

(that was the dream.) -jbj

bRobyn: I had my first Robyn Hitchcock dream the other night, though I have since forgotten the particulars other than I was supposed to get a message to him before a gig.

That same night, I had another dream where I woke up (still in the dream) and turned on the TV, which was filled with live reports about John Lennon's *suicide.* Now, even while dreaming, I was aware that in the waking world, Lennon had been murdered in December 1980. But a strange feeling came over me, a feeling of certainty, as though a voice was telling me "this is what would have happened had he not been shot." When I woke up, I really felt like I had visited a parallel dimension, and I pondered which of Lennon's fates was the saddest, the one where he was gunned down by a madman just as he seemed poised to reenter the wider world, or the one where he has lived eighteen years longer but had finally run out of reasons to go on.



Date: Mon, 06 Oct 1997

From: (Runion, Michael R.)

Subject: My Wife & My Dead Wife

Hey all,

Just thought I'd fill you in on my wife's Robyn dream that she had the other night. As a precursor, let me say that she's not like a mega-fan or anything, but she's been with me to see the man twice ('92 and '96) and of course hears his music at all hours of the day because of yours truly. Here it is...

She's just been chased through a dark and cavernous warehouse. She escapes in the street and runs into a nearby bar. It's actually a smoky dim restaurant kinda of thing with booths set back in the walls. As she passes one of the booths, she recognizes Robyn sitting there alone writing or drawing. She approaches, thinking to just say hi. They start to talk and before she knows it, he takes her by the hand and pulls her towards him and he moves to kiss her. She staggers, wondering what she should do. "Would Mike think it was cool that his wife kissed Robyn Hitchcock, or would he be insanely jealous?"

Anyway, that's the dream. I of course answered her dream question like so..."Man, that would be so cool!"

Back to work,

Mike Runion

Natalie Jacobs

Subject: Harry and the spiders

I had a dream last night which involved Robyn starring in a black-and-white

movie along with some giant spiders. My brain hurts.


Fri, 31 Oct 1997

From:(Runion, Michael R.)

Subject: The Nightmare


Yes, it's Halloween time again and my brain decided to grant me the following terror-filled vision last night:

Setting: an television awards show not unlike the recent (unwatched!) VH1 '97 Fashion Awards. My wife and I are at home watching it on TV. A Whitney Houston/Anita Baker type strolls up to the podium to announce the nominees for "Best Sustained yet Underappreciated Artist" or something as vague. The two nominees are: Robyn Hitchcock...and Carnie Wilson. (I shit you not.) The audience goes silent as the silvery envelope is fumbled around and finally ripped open. You see Whitney-Anita's face go a bit cold as she leans into the podium and announces in a bland and disappointed voice..."Wilson Philips".

The camera quickly pans down to the front row, where sits Robyn, Morris, and Andy to the left and the Wilson Philips gang next to them on the right. The girls jump up screaming and hugging and the boys stand up slowly. The horrible thing is that Kimberly Rew is standing on the girls side behind them. Apparently he has masterminded their music, their success, their glorious victory over his old bandmates. Carnie, in all her plumpness, steps close to Robyn and lift a pudgy finger to wipe away a tear from his reddened eye. My wife and I just sit there is horror.

After the awards show an hour-long Robyn Hitchcock comedy/skit/burlesque thing comes on TV. I knew it was gonna be on, but I forgot to get the VCR ready. The show starts with a monologue but I think it is just a commercial for the show. I suddenly realize that the show is in full swing and I'm not getting it on tape! I fumble around, rapidly trying to fast forward the tape that's in the machine past "The Last Temptation Of Christ" and the fast forward is moving so so slow. Robyn and the gang are now doing a speedy run though a park with wacky music a la Benny Hill. I'm getting sick. I keep checking my watch. The show is already a quarter over and I still haven't gotten to a clean spot on the video tape.

Then I woke up.

Happy Halloween,

Mike Runion

Crop Circles Are Go!

Date: Wed, 08 Jul 1998

From: "Capitalism Blows"

yeah, so, the other night i dreamed that robyn was giving an in-store...well, i guess you'd have to call it an "in-parking lot," 'cause that's where it was. now, haven't been able to find the new billy bragg used yet, so have no idea what it sounds like. but, this is what robyn was doing. playing these old woody guthrie songs that the lyrics for had just been unearthed. that was the whole set, except that the last song was Only The Stones Remain. so then after the set, i was down the street talking with someone, and robyn started tuning up for his encore.i started running down the block screaming for him to not start the encore yet, because i had to get my recorder ready, etc. so he politely waited for me, then started into the encore, and proceeded to fall asleep. we woke him up, and he apologized pretty profusely, and everyone said it was no big deal, but that what he oughta do was just play a bunch of improvised lullabies. and he proceeded to do exactly that.

pretty tame as robyn dreams go for me, really. but it did bring up kind of an interesting point. what would it have been like to have robyn as a father? (and note, i had this dream *before* the maisie thread came up. *now* do you believe it when i tell you i'm pyshic, russ?) i mean, can you imagine, robyn's your dad, and you ask him, "daddy, tell me a bedtime story"??? or sing me a lullabye. or how about, "hey, where are we going on vacation this summer?" "oh, i thought we'd go down to thebeach and check out the underside of the pier." "what! *again?*"


don't get me wrong. i'd love to have robyn as a father. but it would be pretty weird. that's all i'm saying. 

I'm huge!"

Date: Thu, 9 Jul 1998

From: Natalie Jacobs

I had a Robyndream last night. It started out as a "Babylon 5" episode. Captain Sheridan had called a bunch of people into a room for a meeting, but then it turned into a Robyn concert all of a sudden, except Robyn wasn't on stage, he was sitting right in front of me, chatting with everyone. He was very friendly. He had black spiky hair and wore a black T-shirt with some sort of design on it. (Too bad I can't remember the design - we could use it for the Feg shirt.) 

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